Cannot say enough good things!

We just finalized closing on our home and I am so thrilled with the service provided by Alix. This is my 3rd home purchase and was far and away one of the most challenging situations I have ever dealt with in my life. We were buying from a completely unreasonable seller that seemed to like putting us through the wringer at every possible turn. The seller’s agent was also a nightmare to deal with, treating Alix with disdain and general rudeness. When I wanted to run and scream, Alix stayed calm, collected and unbelievably professional. Her attitude kept me in the game and is the only reason this deal ever made it to the closing table. If Alix didn’t do such a wonderful job managing the people on the other side, I wouldn’t have been able to handle the stress of the transaction. She is a true professional and has enough experience to know just what to do in every situation. She’s the best.