They know their stuff!

Alix has helped my family buy and sell two homes. Her and her team’s knowledge and service is impeccable. As an Atlanta native, she knows the ins and outs of each neighborhood in the metro area. She has an architecture degree from Georgia Tech, so is also very knowledgeable about houses and construction. She is an expert at getting to the core of what YOU need in your next home. Her team’s goal isn’t to sell you a house, it’s to find the right HOME for you. She is an impressive negotiator and will be your advocate through the entire process. She is a straight shooter and will help you understand what everything means in the contracts and let you know if she thinks it is in your best interest (or not.) She is truly an expert at her craft and she is backed up with an amazing team who get the job done right. Don’t choose an amateur who is just out to make some extra cash and don’t really understand what they are doing. The Alix Nadi team knows their stuff and will make the home selling and/or buying process as smooth and painless as possible!!